The Expected Food Shortage in 2023 by Darren Dohme

WHO and the UN recently reported an expected food shortage in the coming years. While this is not a new issue, the fast pace of this problem spreading globally is genuinely a cause for concern. Pretty soon, foods consumed daily, like eggs, dairy, grains, and flour, will face significant shortage problems. 

Moreover, this is not restricted to a specific region. This is a worldwide issue that needs our immediate attention. Darren Dohme wonders how we can prepare for a food shortage soon to hit us.

Preparing for Upcoming Food Shortages

According to Darren Dohme, food shortage will lead to a surge in prices, and while production will be a major cause of the shortage, so will affordability.

The World Food Programme reports that nearly 50 million people in 45 countries are on the verge of famine. This is a shocking number that will drastically keep growing. 

  • The two factors that have played a big role in this sudden rise in the risk of shortage are:
  • The fast pace of global warming that's changing the climate drastically and rapidly.
  • The global pandemic, COVID-19, that the world is still recovering from.

Darren Dohme suggests the following ways to prepare for this expected food shortage. 

Encourage Local Farm Shopping

Hundreds of local farmers are working toward the production of food. Local farmer's markets and organic food marts are excellent proof that people are now more interested in buying fresh and clean food instead of processed food lacking nutrition. 

Rather than funding imports that will keep getting expensive, authorities should look into funding local farmers so they can grow their production and food can become accessible for people at better rates.

Moreover, it allows them to grow their business and trade across the country. This can be a great strategy for cutting costs on imported foods. 

Darren Dohme Recommends Growing Your Own Food

Not everyone has a green thumb, but growing your own food can be quite beneficial. This will require a lot of effort, but once people get the hang of it, they can have a good supply of homegrown produce.

That said, it is understandable that it is a challenging task. However, growing your own food can be an effective strategy. Many people make different kinds of butter and yogurt at home. They also grow plants for coriander, mint, or basil leaves.

In fact, the world is your oyster if you have the space and time to invest in this activity. Growing your own produce can be an excellent way to overcome the expected food shortage. 

Darren Dohme's Final World

The food shortage is a fast-approaching vehicle that we can no longer avoid. It is best for all countries to make efficient efforts to curb this shortage. Otherwise, people will truly suffer. Multiple organizations are trying to make food accessible for all, but it is proving difficult. This is because the disasters climate change has brought with unpredictable storms, increased rains, and urban flooding have significantly impacted the mass production of food. 

Darren Dohme believes that the food shortage is inevitable. Hence, we must all prepare for it to deal with problems like famine, malnutrition, and poverty that are soon to hit globally.

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