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The Expected Food Shortage in 2023 by Darren Dohme

WHO and the UN recently reported an expected food shortage in the coming years. While this is not a new issue, the fast pace of this problem spreading globally is genuinely a cause for concern. Pretty soon, foods consumed daily, like eggs, dairy, grains, and flour, will face significant shortage problems.  Moreover, this is not restricted to a specific region. This is a worldwide issue that needs our immediate attention. Darren Dohme wonders how we can prepare for a food shortage soon to hit us. Preparing for Upcoming Food Shortages According to Darren Dohme, food shortage will lead to a surge in prices, and while production will be a major cause of the shortage, so will affordability. The World Food Programme reports that nearly 50 million people in 45 countries are on the verge of famine. This is a shocking number that will drastically keep growing.  The two factors that have played a big role in this sudden rise in the risk of shortage are: The fast pace of global warming that's

4 Ways Big Corporations Can Help Fight Climate Change by Darren Dohme

It is a widely known fact that big corporations hold the reins to the many fronts of the world. They are present in different capacities in every industry and significantly influence worldwide.  Darren Dohme firmly believes that these major corporations are primarily responsible for harming the environment. They have significantly contributed to causing global warming and should be held accountable.  Darren Dohme Suggests 4 Ways Big Corporations Can Fight Climate Change Large-scale organizations have the finances and resources to make impactful efforts that can help the world fight climate change.  Here are some ways Darren Dohme proposes corporations can implement to bring some change: Reduce Carbon Footprint Carbon footprint refers to the impact you leave on the environment through your activities and consumption. Corporations should first look at their carbon footprint to evaluate the damage they are causing to the environment.  Darren Dohme thinks this will help organizations figu