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Darren Dohme : The Race To Improve Food Security – What Can Be Done?

  With the global population projected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050, many of us are facing questions about how we can ensure adequate food security for everyone on the planet. Today’s current challenges and solutions – from an utter scarcity of natural resources to a mounting reliance on technology – all underscore this pressing need. To meet this challenge, it is critical that we take effective action now to understand food production systems and develop smart strategies for sustainable growth in our agricultural sector. In this blog post, Darren Dohme will examine some of the innovative ways in which countries around the world are striving for greater levels of food security, including investing in research and development programs targeting crops resistant to climate change, utilizing new technologies to maximize crop yields, promoting local economic initiatives focused on grassroots innovation and encouraging efforts at small-scale alternative farming methods such as urb

The Future If Today’s Food Crises Continue Unaddressed - By Darren Dohme

  In an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, the future of food insecurity affects everyone. We are at a turning point in history where if decisive action is not taken soon, we could be facing a bleak future caused by issues surrounding our global food system, including climate change, population growth, and agricultural policies that prioritize profit over people. Researchers estimate that nearly 800 million people experience hunger on any given day – more than ever before in recorded history — and the pace of this crisis is only accelerating. In this blog post, Darren Dohme discusses how current crises related to food insecurity can shape our collective futures unless addressed promptly with innovative solutions rooted in economic equity for all nations.   Darren Dohme Overviews The Future If Today’s Food Crises Continue Unaddressed The future of food security is uncertain if today's food crises continue unaddressed, says Darren Dohme. In 2021, the world&#