4 Ways Big Corporations Can Help Fight Climate Change by Darren Dohme

It is a widely known fact that big corporations hold the reins to the many fronts of the world. They are present in different capacities in every industry and significantly influence worldwide. 

Darren Dohme firmly believes that these major corporations are primarily responsible for harming the environment. They have significantly contributed to causing global warming and should be held accountable. 

Darren Dohme Suggests 4 Ways Big Corporations Can Fight Climate Change

Large-scale organizations have the finances and resources to make impactful efforts that can help the world fight climate change. 

Here are some ways Darren Dohme proposes corporations can implement to bring some change:

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint refers to the impact you leave on the environment through your activities and consumption. Corporations should first look at their carbon footprint to evaluate the damage they are causing to the environment. 

Darren Dohme thinks this will help organizations figure out what they need to change in their operations to reduce their carbon footprint and work toward preserving the environment instead. 

Adopt a Climate-Conscious Work Culture

When big-scale organizations make changes, they must be implemented in their culture to ensure that all people and departments associated with the organization will also make efforts for this change. 

Hence, becoming climate conscious and making it a part of their work culture will mean that thousands of people and multiple companies under the organization’s banner are trying to become climate-conscious. 

Adopting an eco-friendly mindset will majorly affect how climate change is dealt with globally. 

Evaluate their Green House Gas Emissions

Currently, multiple industries are causing damage to the environment by releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gases. Darren Dohme suggests that corporations must immediately analyze the number of emission gasses their production process releases. 

It will be no surprise if most corporations worldwide are astonished by this analysis's result. Efforts must be made to diminish the release of greenhouse gasses. In fact, major steps will have to take, like changing their production processes and exploring renewable energy. 

However, this will be helpful for the environment in the long run and will help put up an intense fight against climate change.   

Increase Efforts for Spreading Global Warming Awareness 

All big corporations have signed agreements with global nonprofits that have made it mandatory for these companies to engage in environment-friendly practices, lower their greenhouse gas emissions, and spread the word about global warming. 

Many companies try to abide by this rule, but it is simply done as an obligation. In fact, many organizations try to bend these rules in other ways and have been called out for this unethical practice as well. 

All big corporations make a significant amount of money, a portion of which should go toward efforts for spreading global warming awareness. Surprisingly there are still in the world who think it's bogus and still need convincing. 

Darren Dohme’s Final Word

The world has a dark looming cloud over it called global warming. The future of our planet looks bleak because the big corporations are not doing enough. Simple efforts such as the ones mentioned can make quite an impact on climate change and help fight it. 

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